We understand that the best success is achieved in partnerships.

How to become a partner

Palm Beach Senior Placement Services prides itself on referring only the best Senior Living communities in South Florida. In attempt to match you or your loved one with a perfect placement an Palm Beach Senior retirement specialist personally scores and approves every home we refer. A successful placement is not by chance. Our company has identified key characteristics a community must demonstrate to meet our approval.

Extraordinary Standard of Care: This is the single most important component when seeking placement. There is peace of mind knowing you or your loved one is in good hands with people that will shower them with love and kindness.

A "Homelike" Environment: Although a facility may house multiple seniors, each resident should find familiarity to what we each define as a place we desire to live so that they may call this place their home. A home should reflect a client's personality. It should exhibit signs of yesteryears and individuality. A home should exude warmth and serenity. It should smell of delightful aromas, be clean, and reflect attention to detail.

Activity Programming: An approved facility provides activities and stimulation to engage its residents. This facility has a relationship with each person, providing personalized attention to understand what may bring him or her joy each day.

Experience: The knowledge of serving a variety of residents with specialized needs including, dementia, psychiatric or behavioral disorders, dietary needs and hospice care.

Owner/ Administrator Involvement: An owner that demonstrates passion in their service leads an approved facility. This profession is about care and respect. The delivery of resident care, dignity, and respect for each person living under their roof demonstrates the quality of a passionate owner.

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